Today I want to share with you some gift ideas for girls. These are things I would personally love to get and all of them are totally affordable and reasonably priced! Have fun looking around and shopping! :)

1. Little bucket bag
A must have for cool girls!

2. Home slippers
I love looking chic and pretty even at home, and these home slippers are the cutest you can choose for home.

3. Fluffy sweater
Around Christmas I always love to sorround myself with winterish, Christmasy stuff. So a cozy, fluffy, light blue colored sweater seems like a must have to me. Especially for only $18 from Sheinside!

4. Snowflake necklace
Snowflake. For Christmas. Do I need to say more?

5. Daniel Wellington watch
I know I already told you about Daniel Wellington watches for men in last week’s gift post, but I had to put it on this list too! Timeless and beautiful. Also with my discount code: DW_rekadrienn you still get 15% off on their website!

6. Basic black scarf
Because everybody needs one!

7. Headband
I was already gonna buy a headband last year in Paris, but I couldn’t find the perfect one in the stores. This beige colored one looks like exactly what I was looking for!

8. Hat
This is an accessory in which sometimes I don’t feel like spending money on. But in fact I need one. Maybe some other girls are feeling like me out there?

Loose shirt

H&M Knitted slippers
$12 –

Forever 21 purse

Snowflake pendant

MANGO scarve